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The Home Owner’s Guide to Choosing Clarence House Fabrics Curtains

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If you’re planning to give your windows a makeover with some Clarence House fabrics curtains, this article can help ensure you pick the best ones for your home.

Taking Note of the Essentials

Curtains are not major space components like appliances and furnishings. However, when chosen correctly, they can definitely ramp up a room’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. Emphasis on “when chosen correctly.”

Most home owners only ever consider colors and patterns when they go curtain shopping. Don’t make the same mistake. Here are two essential curtain shopping considerations that you need to establish.

  1. Purpose

Identifying the purpose of your curtains will help you narrow down your options. Check out the guide below.

• If you’re getting curtains to add a splash of color to a room, take note of the ongoing color scheme of the space involved. You don’t want to get ones that’ll clash with your interior design right? Choose patterned fabrics for plain walls and single-colored fabrics for embellished walls.

• If you’re getting curtains to elevate the privacy of the room, avoid curtains made out of thin or sheer materials. Pick Clarence House fabrics that are thick, patterned, or dark-colored.

• If you’re getting curtains to diminish the light and/or temperature of the room, opt for curtains that are made of thick or heavy material. Choose Designers Guild fabric draperies with natural hues for windows that get a ton of sunlight. Bright colored curtains fade faster when they’re always bathed in natural light.

  1. Measurement

No, this doesn’t just depend on the dimensions of your window. It also depends on how you’ll mount your curtains. Here are four curtain lengths to consider.

Touching the window sill – The curtain hem should just brush the window sill.
Touching the ground – The curtain hem is slightly brushing the floor.
Breaking the ground – The curtain hem carries an inch or two over the floor.
Pooling on the ground – The curtain is draped over the floor at two or more inches.

Measure the height or length from the rod to the floor. Take note of the height of the curtain rings or hanging pieces and how you plan to mount your curtain. Consider how much volume you want your curtain to have when you measure the width of your window.

• If you want a tailored look, the curtain width should at least be two inches wider than the window.
• If you want a draped look, the curtain width should be three to four inches wider than the window.

Now that you know these two essential considerations, let’s move on to the aesthetic aspect of Designers Guild fabric curtain shopping.

Considering Color and Style

Here are some style tips when choosing curtains.

  • Employ a more subtle but classy style with neutral patterned curtains.
  • Match your walls by selecting shades similar to them.
  • Match your walls by selecting patterns that share their hues.
  • Make a statement with bright and colorful drapes that contrast the rest of the room.

Ensuring Your Curtains Complement the Room

To make sure a potential curtain goes well with a room’s interior design, you need to compare it to your space. Ask the seller for a fabric swatch or take a picture. Take them home and hold them up against the various furnishings and items in the room. If it looks good, go for it!

Establish your needs and wants before you go shopping for curtains. Follow this guide to find the perfect Clarence House fabrics for your home!

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