Tepezcohuite: Things You Didn’t Know About This Mayan Skincare Secret

Of all the discoveries by the Mexicans, none could be as vital as tepezcohuite. A natural remedy for centuries in Mexico, it has been praised by celebrities such as Salma Hayek and recommended by bloggers.

Right now, you’re thinking, “why gamble on a fairly new skincare product?”  Well, this is a gamble worth taking, as there’s more to tepezcohuite than just another beauty fad.

skin-care7 Amazing Facts About Tepezcohuite

Here are more amazing facts about tepezcohuite, the wonder treatment everybody’s raving about:

  1. It was derived from the tree known as mimosa tenuiflora. The mimosa tenuiflora tree is native to Mexico and many countries in South America. In Mexico, it is known as the skin tree, and its bark is the source of tepezcohuite. Once ground into powder form, the bark is employed in several skin therapy uses.
  1. It was discovered by the Mayans and used as early as the 10th One of the oldest American civilizations, the Mayans have made several groundbreaking discoveries—tepezcohuite being one of them. From the 10th century onward, the Mayans have used tepezcohuite to treat skin infirmities.
  1. Its burn treatment was made famous in the 1984 San Juanico gas explosion. During the infamous 1984 San Juanico, Mexico disaster, up to 7,000 people had severe burns. In an unconventional move, responders applied tepezcohuite powder over the wounds of the injured. The move paid off, as there were largely positive results from the tepezcohuite application.
  1. It can prevent skin breakdown and revitalize the growth of cells. The tepezcohuite bark was found to have tannins and flavonoids. These elements inhibit degradation of collagen, the main protein that makes up skin cells. In addition, it stops the spread of hyaluronidase, another enzyme which destroys collagen. Hyaluronic acid, in turn, thrives in the process.
  1. At a 10% concentration, tepezcohuite can fix eczema. At this dosage, the substance stops inflammation of the skin and treats eczema or the spread of red patches. It neutralizes irritants and free radicals infecting the skin, rejuvenating and replenishing it.
  1. It also has strong exfoliating properties. Through tepezcohuite’s strong adsorption of bacteria, it helps in clearing dead skin cells off the face. Bothersome acne and blackheads on the face are removed as a result. Your skin becomes smooth and renewed, giving you a better disposition!
  1. It is versatile and can be available either in lotion, serum, or cream form. Tepezcohuite is one of the most flexible substances. It can be used either as a moisturizing cream, lotion, or serum. Any way you use it, it is sure to give those renowned skin rejuvenating benefits.

Tepezcohuite’s Everlasting Legacy

Due to numerous natural beauty product stores, tepezcohuite-based products are now more accessible to consumers. The great news is that many of them are alcohol and oil-free. Meaning, you get the full benefits of the main ingredient, and none of the pesky side effects!

You can avail of it either in tepezcohuite cream, lotion, or serum form. Whatever of these product forms you prefer, you’re sure to have the best possible results for your skin!

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