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Stylish Tips for Aging in Place with Contemporary Living Room Furniture

While the concept of aging in place is often linked to seniors, its essence can deeply enhance any home. Aging in place means the ability to live in your home safely, conveniently, and comfortably for as long as possible. By using contemporary living room furniture and some thoughtful design tips, you and your loved ones can enjoy a beautiful haven for a long time.

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Design Tips for Aging in Place

Transforming a house into a home takes many years’ worth of memories, traditions, and experiences with friends and family. After pouring your heart and soul into creating that special place, it becomes natural to want to stay there for good.

There’s no need to sacrifice aesthetics when redesigning your home with aging in place in mind. The key is to lay down the foundation with beautiful and long-lasting pieces from modern furniture stores in Los Angeles. Keep these tips in mind when you shop for furniture:

  • For Tables

Choose round tables or those with rounded edges to minimize injuries caused by sharp corners. For your modern coffee table, select an appropriate height that anyone can easily and comfortably reach. It’s best to avoid glass top tables when designing for aging in place – high-end furniture stores in Los Angeles offer equally stylish wood tables that are less delicate than glass.

  • For Seating

Take extra time selecting your sofa. To make it easy to get in and out of the couch, choose one with shallower and narrower seats. Consider versatile L-shaped sofas paired with ottomans and narrow mid-century sofas to provide a variety of seating.

For the material, stay away from potentially slippery materials such as vinyl and leather. Microfiber is a good option due to its texture and low-maintenance quality.

  • For Lighting

Good lighting and having plenty of light sources are crucial for safety and daily activities. For floor lamps, check for a sturdy base to lower the risk of them toppling over. Position them near outlets to lessen tripping hazards like extension cords.

Use your lamps as a style highlight – add elegance to the room by choosing metallic, industrial lamps from modern furniture stores in LA.

  • For Storage

A family home needs as much storage as possible to keep clutter low and everything organized. This is especially important when aging in place since those cabinets and shelves need to be reachable for people of all health and age conditions.

Mid-century dressers with graspable handles and drawers that glide out smoothly are a great choice. Consider contemporary bookshelves and media units that are big and sturdy, and make sure to secure them properly to the wall.

There are so many ways to be creative when it comes to storage. For instance, a bar cart with wheel stoppers in one corner can be both a shelf and a rolling tray at the same time.

Enjoy a Home that Will Age Gracefully Through the Years

A home that’s designed for aging in place is not only accessible and more convenient for seniors, but also beneficial to every member of the family. For example, toddlers and children are safer around rounded tables, while having several light sources lifts the ambiance of a room while providing adequate light for activities. Finally, invest in top-quality living room, kitchen, and luxury bedroom furniture in Los Angeles that are timeless in both beauty and function for your forever home.

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