Seeing Things Clearly: Debunking LASIK Surgery Myths

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LASIK is one of, if not the most, popular eye treatment procedures in the market. With many people opting out of wearing bulky eyeglasses and uncomfortable contact lenses, undergoing LASIK surgery is becoming more and more appetizing as a long-term solution to poor visual acuity.

However, in spite of the popularity it is enjoying, many still doubt its efficacy. Pseudo-scientific articles are popping up on the Internet claiming the procedure’s ill-effects. Don’t be fooled! Learn the real deal!

So before you sign up for the best laser eye surgery in Los Angeles, read on and find out the truth behind LASIK. See more clearly what you’re getting yourself into.



  1. LASIK is painful

LASIK, like all other eye procedure, is done using a “cold” laser, which is completely pain-free. In addition, numbing eye drops are given to patients to keep them comfortable. If you’re still anxious, you can request your surgeon for a mild sedative to relax you.

  1. LASIK is only a cosmetic surgery

The difference between a “cosmetic” and a “corrective” surgery lies with the purpose of the procedure. LASIK improves a patient’s quality of life by giving that patient a better visual acuity allowing him or her to function better. That is not a mere cosmetic; that is a necessity.

  1. LASIK is a one-size-fits-all procedure

LASIK has been improved and can now be tailored to suit a patient’s specific requirements, as determined by the surgeon. Better technology leads to better results and less invasive procedures. Expect LASIK to become more efficient as time passes.

  1. LASIK is new and untested

LASIK was first done in 1989 by a Greek ophthalmologist and since then has been peer-reviewed in various renowned scientific publications, all vouching for its safety, stability, and efficacy. In addition to that, more than millions of post-LASIK treatment patients can attest that there is no long-term complication to the procedure.

  1. LASIK has an age limit

Although surgeons would advise a minimum age limit of 18, there is no maximum age limit. Age and LASIK candidacy have shown no correlation whatsoever. Simply put: you can never be too old for LASIK.

  1. LASIK is for nearsighted people only

Although it was initially developed as a treatment for nearsightedness, it has changed since then. LASIK is now used to correct multiple errors including farsightedness and astigmatism.

  1. LASIK can blind you

One of the most vicious myths about LASIK. The truth is the procedure only deals with the front surface of the eye. Serious complications are rare and no one has ever been recorded to go blind because of LASIK.

  1. LASIK is too expensive

The cost of LASIK has significantly decreased over the years with improvement in technology. In addition, you can search for and avail of numerous LASIK financing in Los Angeles that can help make the procedure even more affordable.

  1. LASIK recovery takes too long

Patients have reported improvement in eyesight 15 minutes after undergoing the procedure with full recovery expected within 24 hours.

  1. LASIK surgeon’s skill level doesn’t matter

Some cheap eye centers would have you believe that since the laser is computer-controlled, skill is not an issue, thus price is all that matters. This is a lie! The surgeon’s decision-making matters the most. Don’t put a price tag on your safety.

Keep these ten points in mind and don’t be fooled! LASIK surgery can be your doorway to a clearer future. Don’t let these myths cloud your vision.


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