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As your business or company continues to flourish, you’ll eventually find yourself researching local solicitors for the right in-house lawyer. Between contracts, finances, acquisitions, and personal, having access to in-house counsel means you won’t have to stress over your company’s legal matters. Better yet, an in-house lawyer can spot red flags that a private practice attorney might completely miss.

Why It Matters

Experience and skills are not the only factors to look for when considering an in-house lawyer. You have to make sure they connect well with your staff, understand your company and its long-term vision, and is excited to work with you toward that growth. Here are some of the advantages of having an in-house lawyer:

  • Opportunities for Growth

In-house counsel supports your growth. For instance, they can spot potential legal problems for you. Instead of reacting and wasting valuable resources, time, and effort, they can determine if it’s possible to avoid the problem entirely. This way, you’re able to focus on what matters most; growing your business.

  • Communication with Outside Counsel

Depending on your legal needs and the size of your company, your in-house counsel can deal with outsider low firms on your behalf. Your on-staff attorney can help you choose which outside forms to work with depending on the case, and the in-house attorney can watch over matters during the process, such as ensuring that you are not being overbilled.

  • Enjoy Peace OF Mind

A major pro of having in-house cancel is the immense peace of mind it gives you. If this option makes financial sense for your company, it’s a wise business move to take it. Having instant, 24/7 access to an attorney that will pay 100% attention to your business affairs provides immense value and less stress than scrambling to find one should the need arise. On top of this, it can even mean the difference between failure or success given a particular deal.

  • Priceless Knowledge

Having access to your own counsel, which understands the nuances of your company, is definitely worth every dime. They can help you identify your most serious liabilities, keep you updated on relevant laws, and to advise you on various matters to help you avoid problems as much as possible.

  • Emotional Intelligence

This is what differentiates your ordinary in-house counsel from a terrific one— the right one will have a high emotional intelligence. This is a must, because your counsel should be able to interact with a wide range of stakeholders and even your own staff. After, they should understand what to do to achieve the goals,  then apply pertinent laws to provide good solutions— all without losing the sensitivity and humanity required to provide high-quality interactions.

The Alternative to Getting an In-House Lawyer Outright

Having an in-house lawyer (and all the perks that come with it) are all well and good, but not all companies have the budget to keep one on retainer. Look for a company with in-house corporate lawyers in London who are accessible to businesses of various sizes.

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