Public and Personal Infrared Sauna 101

You and your friends are going to try sauna bathing this weekend, but you are still bothered about some questions. For instance, you might ask “what should I wear?” Or should you even wear anything when you go to a sauna? Whether you are going to a public sauna or enjoying a personal infrared sauna at home, it would not hurt to read on some interesting bits of information about this wellness activity.

Nakedness Depends

One thing that will define how naked you get in a sauna is in what country you are doing it. For Finland where sauna is very prevalent, people are fine with going full naked. However, other nations might not be the same, so you would find people wearing towels around them when relaxing in a public sauna.

Each spa also has their own set of rules which may limit your nakedness. There are spas that might allow full naked visitors but would require the use of towels to sit on.

Getting rid of these rules and conventions are probably one of the perks of having a home sauna. You set the rules. You can include towels in your home sauna kit if it’s not your thing to go all the way.

home sauna kit

Know the Culture

You might just get lucky and get a chance to experience hot box unwinding in another country. There’s nothing to sweat about except that you might experience culture shock when not given a heads-up on the sauna customs in that country.

As explained earlier, Finnish people are cool with stripping in front of other people, strangers or not. The Finnish Sauna Society concurs this a sauna backgrounder they wrote in their website. This does not mean that you should force yourself to get naked too, especially when you are not comfortable with it.

The thing is you should be ready to witness these things and be open about it instead of acting highly baffled about the custom. You can put on a towel if you want and simply explain the culture of your origin if it relates to you not wanting to go all the way in front of strangers. Aside from being naked, know that Finnish are also cool with co-ed sauna bathing.

Be Mindful of Adjusting the Temp

Whether it is an infrared sauna or a traditional one, be mindful of controlling the heat temperature especially in public saunas as the other guests might not be comfortable at the level that you are setting. This is also applicable in a personal infrared sauna at home, especially if you have friends or family members who might have a sensitive heat threshold.

Respect and enjoy

Sauna bathing is all about relaxation and fun for everyone, so respecting the rules, whether in a home or public sauna, is the best way to enjoy the experience.

Home sauna rules are set by the household, usually for maintenance purposes, while public sauna rules are set by the owners to ensure the welfare of every guest. This sauna 101 does not cover every sauna rule, but knowing them yourselves before immersing in the heat is a great step to do as a responsible sauna user.

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