Productivity through Modern Furniture: Office Furniture Leveled Up

Modern Office Interior

An office is a place of work where one needs to focus and concentrate on the project at hand. More often than not, when someone mentions the word “office,” a sterilized room of plain white walls, a boring table, and a non-swiveling chair occupy one’s mind. Nowadays, this is not the case.

Welcome to the world of modern offices!


Employees are no longer satisfied with staying in cubicles and plain desks. Offices are slowly adopting a more creative attitude toward creating workspaces that invite not only productivity but also camaraderie among their employees. Studies have shown that a workforce that enjoys being around each other is a productive unit.

To achieve this, big companies have gone over and beyond with creative office spaces, nooks, and trinkets in their workspace. One can spend hours surfing the net looking at awesome office spaces. Corus Entertainment has an indoor slide while Google has a water lounge where employees can take a nap. While Nike has a man-made lake in the middle of their company grounds, Kickstarter lets their employees stroll in their rooftop garden during breaks. Dyson, for some reason, has a wall of vacuums, while Facebook has a literal Facebook Wall where employees can write anything!

Most of us can only dream of working in offices such as those. But that doesn’t mean having an office that you’d be excited to work at every day is not possible. Simple but stylish and multifunctional furniture is the key!



Let’s start with the most crucial office furniture: the desk. With all of your work mostly done on your desk, this specific furniture deserves particular attention. Standing desks are all the fad with health benefits associated with it. Studies show that standing desks can lessen the risk for obesity, cancer, improves your posture, and generally can lengthen your life! Who doesn’t want that! There are a lot of models in the market today, but more than the desk, you should choose other apparels as well. Most important of these is the standing desk mat. It will help you stand longer by relieving the pressure on your heels, back, and feet. Most mats are ergonomically designed with shaped surfaces giving your feet something to do while standing.


If you’re going for the traditional desk, then chairs should be a priority. When trying out chairs, look for ones with excellent lumbar support. A support pillow can help, but nothing can beat something built in the chair itself. Also, office chairs should have adjustable height, wheelbase and can swivel freely—all three to provide adaptability and mobility while doing your work. As you will be sitting on it for hours, it is essential that it is made up of breathable fabric allowing for circulation and preventing things from getting too hot and uncomfortable.

With the desk and chair out of the way, it is time to surround your workspace with functional accessories as needed. Even in the age of computers, a good filing cabinet can still be very handy. Pro-tip, go for steel rather than wood as they are sturdier. Good lighting can help reduce eye strain and irritation. Opt for adjustable lights as their intensity needs to be adapted to the current lighting needs. Other items that you might want to pick up are stands for gadgets and monitors, cable organizers, and stationaries. Ask your employees what they need and work from that.

Remember, you don’t need to have an indoor slide to satisfy your employees. Useful, functional and health-friendly modern office furniture can do just as good.

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