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Practical Placement Tips for Your Personal Infrared Sauna

sauna in a bathroom

Installing a personal infrared sauna adds a peaceful, healthy touch to your home, and it’s one of the best investments homeowners can make. Before your sauna arrives, however, you should finalize where you want to place it. Start the process by following these tips!

  • Plan for Your Sauna

    When you buy a sauna, you don’t just hope it’ll fit where you want it to. So while canvassing infrared sauna units, look up its exact dimensions and other details. Call the company’s hotline to double check the numbers. Afterward, measure the spot you’re planning to install it in, and ensure that it fits while leaving plenty of extra space around the perimeter so you can get in and out comfortably.

  • Decide whether you want it indoors or outdoors

    A state-of-the-art sauna infrared unit can be installed inside23 or outside your home. If you decide on placing your sauna outdoors, remember to find a spot completely protected from the weather with a roof plus covering from the side. It should also have a flat, dry surface like your patio or deck.

    For indoor saunas, avoid installing it on unsuitable surfaces like carpet and laminate. The best floors for an infrared sauna are ceramic, exposed concrete, flat stone, or plastic. Keep in mind to place your infrared sauna away from anything sensitive to heat and humidity.

  • Go over the electrical specifications

    An infrared sauna is a breeze to install and operate since you only need power to turn it on. While it doesn’t have the specific ventilation, drainage, and plumbing elements of traditional saunas, you need to make sure that existing wirings in your desired location satisfies its electrical requirements. Check the voltage, then go over the spaces between power and water connections in the area.

3 Ideal Sauna Locations in Your Home

Where you place your infrared sauna will have a big impact on your experience. Here are some popular spots among homeowners:

  1. Home Gyms

Do saunas help you lose weight? Yes, and you can see it with the increasing number of gyms that have installed infrared saunas inside their facility. There’s a good reason for it – infrared heat significantly enhances the effects of workouts.

So if you have a personal gym at home, you might want to consider installing your sauna in one corner so you can go for a quick sauna session before and after you exercise.

  1. Master Bedroom

Create a spa experience in your bedroom! The master bedroom is an excellent place for an infrared sauna if you have enough space for it. It’s a convenient way to add a sauna bath in the morning after waking up, or to schedule a relaxing session before you go to bed.

  1. Beside the Pool

Level up your pool parties with an outdoor infrared sauna! Placing your sauna in a protected, dry spot near the pool enhances your outdoor living space, and you and your guests can cool down and relax by the water after sweating it out in your dry sauna.

Once you know where you want your infrared sauna to be, it’s a breeze to assemble your home sauna kit. It’s so easy that you can even make it a weekend DIY project! Such proper and thoughtful planning will create a smooth, hassle-free process so you can start enjoying your sauna right away.

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