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Brilliant Ways to Use Artificial Grass in St. Louis, MO Indoors

While widely known as a versatile landscaping material, artificial grass in St. Louis, MO can also be used to green up indoor spaces. Feel free to place it on concrete, marble, tiles, and other types of surfaces. Spruce up walls and other non-horizontal facades with synthetic turf. Invest in top-quality artificial grass and work with an expert turf installer to guarantee excellent results!

Artificial Grass carpet

8 Ways to Integrate Artificial Grass Into Interior Design

Take a touch of the outdoors indoors with synthetic grass. Infuse nature into your interior design with these creative ideas:

  1. Spruce up play spaces.

Change up the look of your children’s indoor playground with artificial turf. The vibrant material will not only add a natural flair to the space but also increase its safety with a slip-resistant and shock-absorbing surface.

  1. Create an indoor putting green.

Want to get your golf game on without taking a single step outside your home? Create a putting green indoors using synthetic grass in St. Louis. Turn an empty room into a challenging green or add a golf strip in one of your more spacious areas.

  1. Spruce up entertainment rooms.

Got a room dedicated to your gaming systems? Offset all that technology with synthetic turf. Carpet the room with lush artificial grass or cover only a portion of its floor space.

  1. Accentuate walls.

 Tired of looking at the same old plain walls of your home? Style them up with artificial grass. Cover one of them completely with synthetic turf to create an accent wall or make wall accessories using scraps of versatile greens.

  1. Reupholster furniture.

 Got worn sofas, couches, and chairs? Refurbish them with artificial grass in St. Louis, MO. The turf will not only cover the frayed areas of your furniture but also add extra cushioning thanks to its soft, padded texture. Turn your furniture into bold statement pieces.

  1. Soften the stairs.

 Spruce up the steps and landings of your stairs with lush synthetic turf. It’s easy on the feet, can withstand high foot traffic without getting wear and tear, and is easier to maintain compared to carpeting. Just sweep it often to keep it free of dirt and debris.

  1. Make mats and other interior design accessories.

 Got leftover synthetic turf? Don’t discard them. Turn them into mats, rugs, and carpets, and scatter them throughout your home. It’s a great way to add a touch of green to your spaces without committing to a full installation.

  1. Enhance your dog’s indoor bathroom.

 Green up your canine companion’s designated indoor bathroom with synthetic turf. Don’t worry; it’s easy to remove pet waste from artificial grass. Just pick up solid poop, wipe of its residue, and rinse it with water. Use a soap and water solution to get rid of any lingering odor.


Green Up Your Home with Synthetic Grass

Artificial turf in St. Louis is made from water-resistant, hypo-allergenic, and toxic-free material, making it perfect for interior renovation and home improvement projects. Take advantage of its amazing benefits. Use one of these brilliant ideas or get creative with your indoor synthetic turf installations. Work with an expert grass installer to ensure a fast, efficient, and error-free process.

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