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Furniture Stores in Los Angeles Share 6 Design Clichés to Avoid

As you check out pieces from modern furniture stores in Los Angeles, you may already have some living room designs in mind. Are your décor ideas fresh or just the product of a fad? Avoid these six design clichés at all costs for a home that showcases your unique style and impeccable taste!

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6 Design Mistakes to Avoid in Home Décor

Decorating a home means choosing what appeals to you, but following some tried-and-true interior design advice as well will also help you maximize your furniture investment. Stay away from these modern home décor clichés:

1. Following themes by the book

Try not to be too rigid about mimicking period styles. While French provincial or shabby chic may seem attractive now, you may not feel the same way down the line. It may cause problems when you start getting tired of the same old look. Experts advise picking and mixing features from various periods to add an element of surprise while embracing the styles you love.

2. Not mixing it up

On top of combining eras, it’s also a good idea to mix new and vintage décor. Collect too many, however, and your house will start feeling old and stuffy. On the other hand, decorating with all new accessories can make your space look like a furniture catalog. Mixing it up involves thoughtfully blending classics with contemporary design for a balanced aesthetic.

3. Over-decorating

Less is more with living room décor. There’s no need to completely overhaul the look in a single sitting. Take your time exploring contemporary furniture stores in Los Angeles. This is an excellent way to find beautiful, custom pieces you’ll be proud to display in your home as well as prevent clutter from accumulating in your space.

4. Opting for cookie-cutter pieces

A well-decorated home starts with quality furniture. Instead of going for mass-produced items, invest in custom, contemporary pieces. They will last much longer than low-quality ones, and their one-of-a-kind craftsmanship will elevate the overall look of your home.

5. Not taking risks with furniture placement

While it may be tempting to just push your sofa toward a wall and call it a day, note that furniture placement has a huge impact on the functionality and ambiance of a space. Consider conversation groupings, the shape and length of a room, traffic flow, and other factors before deciding on a final arrangement.

6. Going with predictable colors

Don’t want a mediocre-looking home? Try being more adventurous with your color and pattern choices! For instance, change up those traditional white walls with moodier tones to give life to bland rooms. Don’t be afraid to add a dash of texture in the form of wallpapers and other wall coverings.

Celebrate Your Style with Modern Furniture Stores

Your home’s design should tell your story and highlight your personal style, and it all begins with the right furniture. High-end furniture stores in Los Angeles are your best source for elegant, timeless pieces for your living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, and outdoor areas. Get inspired and seek interior design advice by visiting your local contemporary furniture store in LA today!

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