Employment Solicitors in Bristol Discuss Why Business Owners Should Get their Service

Employment solicitors in Bristol, as their name implies, are experts on state and federal employment laws. They offer counsel and assistance to both employers and employees. This article focuses on the former.

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Why Business Owners Hire Employment Solicitors

Employment lawyers can help you:

  • Uphold employment rights

Do you have employees? If so, it’s your duty as an employer to uphold their employment rights. Employment solicitors can give advice or help you arrange your personnel’s benefits, address their concerns, and more.

  • Ensure formality and relevance during correspondence

Correspondence is a fundamental part of the employee-employer work relationship.

It’s not just a form of communication. It’s a way to record decisions, developments, and conversations. Hence, it’s imperative that you uphold relevance and formality in all your correspondence with your employees.

Employment solicitors can help you ensure these. Here are some of the things that they can help you compose:

• Employment contracts

• Policy amendments

• General announcements

• General directives

• Response to letters (e.g., appeals, grievance, resignation, etc.)

Have a particular employment document in mind that wasn’t part of this list? Ask your employment lawyer (if you’ve already hired one) about it. If it’s a legal matter that revolves around you and/or your personnel, then it’s highly likely that they can assist you.

  • Develop and implement fair disciplinary measures

Just because all your employees passed your company’s intensive recruitment process, doesn’t mean that they’re perfect workers. As such, you need to have fair and extensive disciplinary measures. These procedures are not only to keep them orderly but also to create a fair and safe working environment. An employment solicitor can help you make them and implement them.

  • Prevent employment issues from spiralling out of control

Employment issues are things that are best avoided.  It can be anything from personnel grievances and requests to a laid-off employee challenging the grounds of his/her eviction and a department-wide dispute. Mishandling these cases will have a huge impact on your business. Not only will it diminish workplace morale, but it can also damage your brand’s credibility.

Now that you know why there’s no shortage of employment lawyers in Bristol, let’s move on to answering the question:

When Should You Hire an Employment Solicitor?

Hiring an employment lawyer in Bristol is imperative in the following scenarios:

  • When you develop your company handbook – Yes, you can write your company’s manual on your own. However, it’s crucial that you either have an employment lawyer involved in the process or have the finished document looked over by one. It’s the best way to ensure all your policies comply with the law, especially if your business is hinged on an industry that has its own rules on employment (e.g., construction law).
  • If you want to amend your company handbook – for reasons similar to the first scenario
  • If an employee raises complaints of illegal harassment – Harassment cases are seldom clear-cut or straightforward. The risk of you overlooking or mishandling any aspect of the case is high if you tackle it on your own. Having an employment solicitor on board will help ensure that the matter is investigated thoroughly and handled fairly.
  • When you need to fire an employee – Being late to work for a week is a valid reason for firing an employee. Being pregnant, meanwhile, is not. If you believed in or are not aware of the latter, then you definitely need the assistance of an employment solicitor. If you know the latter, it’s still advisable to get expert advice before you fire someone. It’s the best way to ensure your decision is valid.
  • If a government agency comes knocking at your door – Believing that the authorities will never show up at your doorstep asking to check your records can be a grave mistake. You can never guarantee this. Remember, just because you have nothing to hide, doesn’t mean that the authorities can’t check your business records and employee files. If this happens to you, know that an employment lawyer can help you out.

Ensure everything in your business upholds employment laws. Hire an employment solicitor!

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