Easily Track Your Online-Order Deliveries from Mostly Any Device Via an App

tracking appOnline shopping rules as an ever-growing trend. It saves gas on window shopping from one outlet to another. It undoubtedly saves time and in many cases, money on the retail price, depending on shipping costs. It also saves you from picking up your items; they are delivered to your door. However, wading through a slew of emails every seven to 10 days to retrieve tracking numbers associated with your numerous orders can prove convoluted, tedious, time consuming , and sometimes futile.

The source of this frustration centers on the fact that not all online retailers use the same shipping service. Some retailers even use multiple carriers. This is where the worn-out phrase, “there’s an app for everything,” comes into play.

Indeed, you can now track all of your disparate shipping details and delivery projections on an app that accommodates Apple, Android, and Windows operating systems on your smartphone—whether you are an entrepreneur who wants to relay shipping status to your customers more quickly and easily, or a frequent shopper who tallies up online purchases weekly.

All you need to do is make sure the app you choose meets the following criteria.

Ease of Use

Tracking apps should not require a lot of time or multiple visits each day. It should pop up, show the info you want, and close. It should also be simple and easy to navigate. Most importantly, you should be able to add packages without a fuss.

Track Multiple Carriers

In the U.S., Fedex, UPS, USPS, and DHL dominate the shipping-service roster. Small retailers, however, often source smaller delivery services. If you’re receiving a shipment from outside of the U.S., there are even more shipping options—some completely unfamiliar to you. Therefore, find an app that works globally instead of just locally.

Push Notifications

This optional feature can be disabled or enabled from your phone’s settings, but receiving an alert as your package enters each threshold of delivery—all the way to your door—proves quite convenient for the ultra-busy person. You don’t have to open the app manually to find out the status of your item. Kick back or carry on with errands while your notifications pop up automatically.

Some tracking apps may offer in-app purchases or paid upgrades.

If you buy a lot of things online, spending a few extra dollars on a one-stop tracking app may be worth it. It will certainly help you become more organized while saving the time and aggravation of visiting independent websites to track your packages. For small businesses, such an app will improve your customer experience which should result in more business.

If you choose your tracking apps wisely, they will become an indispensable part of your life or business.

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