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Designing 101: Maximizing Contemporary Couches and Furniture Pieces for the Living Room

Your living room has many uses – this includes entertaining guests and hosting parties. This is why you should be discerning about the furniture you use. With a well-appointed living room, friends will always want to come to your home and feel comfortable at any time whether you use contemporary couches or Chesterfield style sofas.

Contemporary Couches Living Room

Simple Living Room Design Tips

You don’t have to hire a professional designer to make a space that is guest-worthy. Here are some tips to make your living room ready for entertaining guests using contemporary couches:

  • Fit in a small burst of color.

While minimalist designs for living rooms are popular, it wouldn’t hurt to include a little bit of color. The presence of color will stimulate conversation. Put in some furniture pieces that have a splash of color, but not too bright to divert attention.

  • Make the setting as bright as possible.

A well-lit room is perfect for guests. Light will enliven the conversation. Choose a spot with many windows to encourage a good flow of conversation. Have ready to open curtains in the room to let in light. At night, use overhead lighting and a lamp light.

  • Set the pieces accordingly.

Measure the room so that you can set enough space for each sofa and chair. Set sectional chairs against other sofas for a more balanced look throughout the room. For a two-sided sectional, place an accent chair, such as an arm chair, just right across it. Make sure to also pick a coffee table that is accessible from every end, so that guests have somewhere to place their drinks on.

  • Give options for seating comfort.

When choosing pieces from your modern furniture stores, pick pieces that have different seating textures. You should also adapt the seating to consider people who have back pain and allergies by investing in specially-crafted pillows. Your guests will love this aesthetic in your house, that they might consider a trip back!

  • Include reading materials.

Leave reading materials underneath or on top of your coffee table for guests to while away. You can place old entertainment and housekeeping magazines but steer clear of materials that have NSFW content to maintain a wholesome atmosphere. If you have old photo albums, include them there. These make for good conversation pieces too!

  • Put in some little items.

Now that everything is settled in, place in some little quirks to make your space truly your own. Place in some ornaments. Fresh flowers can help bring in both a scent and color that will be endearing to your guests. Use a simple patterned rug to put in some flair.

Have a Living Room Worth the Effort

Entertaining guests is an art, so make your living space is entertaining by using thoughtful living room hacks. To cap it off, you can use classy looking, but very affordable furniture pieces. Go to the best furniture stores in Los Angeles and find a piece that suits you.

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