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Contemporary Furniture Store Near Me Shares Small Home Office Ideas

Working at home is not much different from working at the office. In both locations, you need a functional and beautiful space, inspiring décor, and appropriate furniture to ensure a productive day. If you’re wondering how to design your home office especially if you have limited space, then you’ll enjoy these fresh ideas from a contemporary furniture store near me.

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Big Ideas for Small Home Offices

How you design your home office matters so much more than how big it is. Here are clever ways to maximize every square foot and create a home office you’ll love working in:

  • Designate an office zone instead.

Don’t have an extra room for a dedicated home office? No problem! Create an office zone instead. This can be some free space in your living room, a quiet spot in the hallway, or anywhere else where you have some space to spare. A big bonus is that it can elevate the room’s aesthetics by matching the existing style and décor.

  • Think multipurpose.

Small offices dare you to be creative. Not one inch should go to waste, and this means selecting contemporary office furniture that serves more than one purpose. Some great examples are an office table with built-in storage or low cabinets that can double as an extended work station.

  • Storage, storage, storage.

Working from home is not an excuse to accumulate clutter. Storage options like filing cabinets, credenzas, and shelving are critical for keeping your work space clean and organized. You can also use pretty storage boxes to break up the formality of your office, and display your favorite possessions on the shelves to personalize it some more.

  • Make your desk invisible with glass.

If your home office is in a high-traffic part of the home, you might prefer for it not to be unobtrusive. A glass desk offers a wonderful solution. Its see-through quality will make the desk “disappear” when you’re not using it.

  • Get the best chair you can afford.

Cut costs on almost anything but your chair. You’ll be spending tons of time sitting on it, so it should be comfortable, ergonomic, and fit in with your home’s design. Avoid buying mass-marketed chairs that look generic and can break drink down sooner than expected. Instead, invest in a top-quality chair from modern furniture stores in LA that are guaranteed to be durable, attractive, and amazing to sit in.

More Potential Home Office Locations in Your Home

You have to think outside of the traditional four walls when you don’t have much extra space for a home office. There are numerous locations in your home that make surprising excellent places for a home office:

  • Alcoves under the stairs
  • Large landings
  • Kitchen corners
  • Dining rooms

Search for underused portions of your house, or think hard about areas that you don’t need and which you can convert into a home office. If you have a garden or a patio, you can use outdoor furniture in Los Angeles to set up an outdoor workstation for when you’re in the mood for some sunshine and a light breeze.

Design a Fabulous Home Office Today

With a little planning and plenty of creativity, it’s possible to create an oasis of productivity inside your home. The key is to shop for quality pieces from luxury furniture stores in LA to make a good foundation for the rest of your work space, and to look at the space from a new perspective.

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