Benefits of Having a Traffic Control Planner in Seattle for Roadworks

Seattle traffic congestion is one of the worst traffic situations not just in the U.S., but all over the world. A recent study has found that the average commuters in Seattle spent 55 hours in peak-hour congestion in 2017, costing them about $1,800 over the course of the year.  If you are managing a construction site, having a traffic control planner in Seattle is essential.

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The Role of a Traffic Control Planner

Traffic control planners are responsible for creating a plan to safely and efficiently guide motorists and pedestrians in a roadway work site. They ensure that the construction project does not cause inconvenience for the duration of the project.

Since management of roadwork sites requires various considerations of all road user needs and obligations, the attention should not only focus on the management of vehicular traffic, but also on the protection of pedestrians and motorists.

Benefits of Having a Traffic Control Planner in Seattle for Roadwork Sites

Managing roadwork sites in Seattle is definitely tough. If you are planning to contact a traffic control agency to overcome your road and safety problems, here are the benefits of having a traffic control planner:

  • Manages traffic control – Traffic control planners can deal with the traffic situations on the road. They can utilize various traffic management equipment such as road signs and warnings as well as assist pedestrians crossing the streets. Plus, you are guaranteed that road users are not affected by your ongoing roadwork project and can go to their destinations on time.
  • Sets up roadwork sites – All traffic control services in Seattle help you build your construction sites on the road properly. They can also help you take down the roadwork site once the project is completely done. This assures that your construction sites are placed properly and removed quickly.
  • Informs the public – Traffic control planners can help you reach the public about the ongoing road construction by giving road users leaflets and posting banners about the roadwork. They can also ask some feedbacks and suggestions from pedestrians and cyclist who are crossing the streets.
  • Cooperates with your working team – A traffic control agency in Seattle also gives you the opportunity to work with them on your construction sites. You can ask them to pick up materials or even to handle equipment efficiently.
  • Offers suggestions and recommendations – Traffic control planners can also provide suggestions on how to build your construction site as well as road plans on how to solve traffic congestions on the areas affected by the ongoing roadworks. They present alternative routes to road users so that they can avoid the traffic situation near your roadwork sites.

Having a traffic control planner is your gateway to safe and efficient roadwork sites without worrying about the traffic congestions and other road problems. So contact the nearest traffic control agency in Seattle now!

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