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Avoid these Five Errors with Designers Guild Fabric


Want to impress your guests by your personal interior designing skills? We can help you with that. All you need are some reliable accessories like those from the Designers Guild Fabric collection and some dos and don’ts to help you along the way.

Here are a few things you need to remember NOT to do.

  1. Leaving walls blank

A blank wall is unexciting. When you have nothing to look at, you’ll more likely stray to the floor or to the ceiling, equally blank spaces. Take advantage of your walls! Treat them as your personal canvas! They are your biggest display space.

Use your walls to display your children’s artworks, family pictures, some words of encouragements, or simply cover it up with classy wallcoverings. Check out collections like that of Cole and Son Wallpaper.

  1. Ignoring the ceiling

As we stated earlier, ceilings can be quite boring if not handled well. Usually, ceilings are painted white, which creates the illusion that it is higher and brighter. However, this is not a cold, hard rule. You can break it, bend it, or use it to your advantage. The important thing is that you know what to do and achieve it. You can also use furniture or other accessories. An elegant light fixture can be used for the living rooms, or create an interesting constellation mural for your kids’ bedroom’s ceilings.

  1. Matching too match

Focus is important and designing with a theme is highly recommended. However, too match, is well too much. A theme is there to guide you, not rule over your every decision.

If you decided on a red theme for your living room, you don’t need to go full RED: red sofa, red curtains, red ashtray, red rugs, red broom closet! Exercise restraint when dealing with themes. If you want red as your motif, choose a main furniture that is elegant scarlet then accompany it with smaller pieces that are either in a different red shade or in a complimenting color (green or black).

  1. Going to generic

This is the exact opposite of the above. Generic is boring! When you play it too safe you end up not playing at all and you get stuck with the same old colors and layout. Break free of your comfort zones and explore new horizons, although, as we said earlier, with restraint.

  1. Doubling down on accessories

…And restraint is the key to help with this next problem. Having too many knick-knacks lying around will confuse the eye of the viewer. Your guests wouldn’t know where to look first. To remedy this, choose a central statement piece that you really like, and design around it, not over it.

When all of these have been said and done, the end product should always be something that you are comfortable living with. No matter what designers and trends might say, it is you and your family who will be living in that space you are designing. Design for them and design for yourself. More often than not, what feels right for you, is actually the better choice!

Trust your gut!

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