6 Tips for Making Healthy Food Choices While On Vacation

For many people, going on vacation means forgetting about their normal eating routines and indulging in whatever they want to eat. However, this often means making unhealthy food choices which can leave you feeling too tired, bloated, and depleted to enjoy your travel. Follow these six tips to maintain healthy eating habits as you explore your way around the world!

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6 Tips for Eating Healthy During Your Trip

Balancing good eating habits while traveling can be tricky. After all, it’s your time to relax, take break from everything, and focus on having a good time!

While there’s no need to stick to a strict diet on the go, It’s important to nourish your body so you can stay healthy and ready to dive into any adventure. Keep these travel tips in mind:

  • Avoid airplane food.

Food on airplanes tend to be sugary, salty, and heavily-processed – not to mention expensive – so try to avoid it as much as you can. Instead, bring soup cups, crackers, or small sandwiches with you on board. Since air travel can be hard on your digestive system, this will allow you to eat light yet feel full.

  • Pack healthy snacks.

Before you leave for your next destination, pack snacks that are dense in nutrients and protein such as energy bars, nuts, and hardy fruits like oranges and apples. This will give you something to munch on if you get hungry on the road instead of reaching for the nearest junk food.

  • Book lodging where you can cook.

If possible, stay somewhere with a small kitchen where you can cook some of your own meals. Doing so not only helps you eat well while saving some money from dining out, but it’s also a fun way to experiment with fresh, local ingredients unique to the place.

  • Take supplements.

Sometimes, it can be impossible to fill your daily veggie quota especially when your destination doesn’t offer a wide variety of greens. Plan ahead by packing some green supplements in powder or pill form you can take with your meals.

  • Indulge during lunch time.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean depriving yourself of the sumptuous local dishes on your vacation. The trick is timing – eat that sweet snack or calorie-indulgent treat during lunch so you have plenty of time to burn it off. Eating heavy food during dinner can be hard on your digestion and hinder good sleep.

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Feeling famished? Don’t eat just yet! Most of the time, those hunger pangs are not out of hunger at all, but are a result of thirst. So always bring along a bottle of water and drink often. You’ll feel refreshed and less inclined to make on-the-spot food choices that can turn out to be unhealthy.

Eat Healthy, Travel Well

Making healthy food choices will have a massive impact on your vacation time. Just like athletes, drinking plenty of water and consuming healthy foods will fuel your muscles, sustain your energy levels, and help you recover from a full day of exploration. Remember these healthy eating tips for your next destination for an even better experience from the inside out!

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