4 Practical Tips to Stay Safe During Solo Travel

With the tremendous success of travel memoirs like “Eat, Pray, Love” by Liz Gilbert and endless blogs of exciting solo journeys around the world, traveling alone has become more popular in recent years. Solo traveling can be very rewarding, but you should also take certain steps to stay safe during your adventures.

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Solo Travelers: 4 Safety Tips

Most of these safety tips rely on common sense – they’re practical precautions that will be useful whether you’re traveling alone or with company. When you’re alone, however, you only have yourself to rely on, so you have to be extra vigilant at all times. Stay on the safe side while trotting the globe with these precautions:

  1. Stay connected.

Before you leave, check the roaming capabilities of your phone and phone plan. If it’s too expensive and you have an unlocked GSM phone, simply buy an international SIM card. You can also rent a phone locally once you arrive at your destination.

Download essential messaging apps like Skype and Facebook Messenger so you always have an open line with people. Make sure you have both online and offline maps plus GPS on your phone for easier navigation.

  1. Update people with your daily itinerary.

Always inform others of where you’re going, and this includes family and friends back home as well as your hotel concierge or innkeeper.

Going alone into the wilderness or parkland? Never forget to leave someone a copy of your precise route as well as your estimated time of return. This way, they’ll be able to send reinforcements in case of emergencies and check up on you if any changes to the schedule may suddenly arise.

  1. Keep your passport, credit cards, and money in different places.

Don’t stash your valuables in one place so you’re not left empty handed should anything get lost. When going out, carry a copy of your passport’s data, but keep the original one in a locked safe inside your room. Keep some money in a purse or wallet, and hide extra cash in a money pouch or pocket. In addition, don’t cash out your whole budget before you arrive; leave some in your checking account for back-up.

  1. Ensure the safety of your accommodations.

Observe these precautions with your lodging: Try your best to book a room near the elevators or near the concierge desk for easy access when necessary. Fasten the security chain and triple check all the locks before venturing out of your lodging.

Check all windows; are they locked securely? Are there any weak points in the entry areas? Look through the peephole every time someone knocks on your door no matter the time of day. Whatever security measures you have in your own home, level them up when you’re alone abroad.

Be Safe and Have the Experience of a Lifetime

Traveling alone doesn’t mean being paranoid that something bad may lurk at every corner. Venturing into the unknown is one of the most exciting things about solo traveling. Just keep these safety precautions in mind to protect yourself so you can focus on making amazing memories while staying out of danger at the same time!

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