3 Problems The Latest CPAP Technology Can Save You From

Sleep apnea, a condition in which breathing temporarily stops during sleep, is not a minor disease. It is a sleeping and breathing disorder that can endanger your life if not addressed immediately using the latest CPAP technology. It can also trigger other major illnesses like cardiovascular and metabolic disorders. This is why treating it as early as its onset is essential.

cpap technologyOne of the treatments proven effective in addressing sleep apnea is the CPAP. It is a tool used to clear the airways using mild pressure blown into airways while the patient is asleep.

However, despite the positive reviews on the effectiveness of common CPAP devices, treating with CPAP may cost you a lot—not just financially but in terms of your comfort and convenience. Because of the straps and headgear, these devices may cause you to feel claustrophobic, making it hard to sleep or to stay asleep. The inhalation/exhalation sounds of the device may also disturb your sleep. It may also cause pressure sores and skin irritation. Some devices also tend to be unintentionally removed while you are sleeping.

Thanks to continuous medical research, we now have one of latest CPAP technologies that may be the answer to your common CPAP problems: a strapless, no mask CPAP device.

The absence of straps and headgear gives you an idea of how good using this CPAP device feels. But to give you a clear picture of how treating sleep apnea will be a lot better, here is a detailed explanation of how this device might save you.

What is this strapless, no mask CPAP device saving you from?

Aside from sleep apnea, here are some of the most common problems you will not experience with this latest CPAP technology.

  • Sleepless Nights
  • Without the headgear, the straps, and the irritating sounds, you will surely experience a peaceful sleep with this CPAP device. It has no headgear and uses only nasal puffs which balance the amount of air to avoid too much pressure on the nostrils. It is a strapless CPAP mask that makes use of just a mouthpiece that attaches to your upper teeth. This CPAP device has exhalation diffusers which eliminate the sounds. Its corrugated respiratory tubes will also let you move without the tendency of the device being removed.

  • Skin Irritation
  • Tight straps and suffocating headgears may give you pressure sores. Just imagine having red, painful lines on your face! Sometimes, too much blowing on your face may also irritate your skin. The nasal puffs, mouthpiece, and exhalation diffusers will help you avoid all these CPAP problems.

  • Inconvenience
  • CPAP masks usually come in different sizes, depending on your facial size and features. However, having to choose the size of your mask may be inconvenient, especially if you picked up the wrong one. This no mask CPAP device has a curved bracket which allows it to be adjusted depending on your facial configurations. Its adjustable hose clamps, stabilizing the respiratory tubes, will also enable you to customize the device according to your facial features.

    Moreover, through the device’s Y coupling, it is easier to connect the device to the other CPAP machines and hoses.

So stop worrying about the uncomfortable and inconvenient treatment of your sleep apnea! This latest CPAP technology not only saves you from the dangers of sleep apnea but also from the discomforts of treating it. If you are determined to treat this disorder, here’s one effective way that you will never dread.

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